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Emily Rowell-McLeod

Emily Rowell-McLeod

Emily Rowell-McLeod

Name: Emily Rowell-McLeod            

Location:Burlington Vermont (USA)

Family:Married mom of 2 boys

Age: 23

Emily Rowell-McLeod


Stay at home mom, book keeping for our paving business.

What obstacles did you face in getting back into shape and how did you overcome them?

Lack of time, between juggling two kids, working from home, cooking cleaning and the list goes on. You just have to find a way.


 How did you get started getting your body back into shape after becoming a mom?

As soon as 6 weeks past I began dusting off my treadmill, I started out walking then jogging a mile a few times a week, after a few weeks I was doing 4 miles and feeling stronger and stronger.

Nutrition is vital to getting into great shape, share with us your nutrition plan that you  follow on a day to day basis and include any vitamins and supplements you take?

Well clean eating (I failed at times). Once you start seeing results you get more determined to eat healthier. Lots of water, veggies, fruit, as long as you stay away from high fats, sugars soda, and fried foods you will see a huge change.


What is your fitness program and how did you decide on what works for you ?

I did some Brazil butt lift DVD’s, free weights, and treadmill work. After about 5 months of home workouts I decided to join a gym, where I could lift heavier weights. so I go about 5 times a week for 40 mins I alternate body parts and do cardio.

What advice do you have for mom’s who may be struggling to get back into shape after becoming a mom?

Well as long as you put your mind to it anything is possible, you just have to find a way that works for you and your babies. Just don’t give up. Once you start seeing results it becomes so motivating you crave it.

Fit Mom Emily

How do you juggle being a mom with staying fit and healthy and other daily activities like work etc?

Well in the Winter my hubby does snow-ploughing so when its not snowing I put my boys down for a nap, and hit the gym for 40 mins to an hour and he watches them.

If this is not possible,you could join a gym with day care, or simply do home workouts(you’ve got to be determined to stay motivated at home)

Have you ever competed in a Fitness/Figure competition, if so tell us which ones and what it was like for you?

No, but I want to as soon as I’m closer to my goals.

Emily Rowell-McLeod

Is there any event/s other than a Fitness/Figure competition that you would like to tell us about that you have done or are thinking of doing in the future?

I’d love to compete for my home town in fitness, modelling, etc, and be a motivation to all mom’s out there.

What are you hobbies/pastimes?

Working out, hunting, fishing bass tournaments, and my little boys.

Is there anything else you’re up to or anything that you would like to ‘plug” ?

As long as my boys come first everything else works out- Literally!

Where can our readers contact you?



Our fun questions


Ideal holiday-Sunshine beach or Snow log cabin?

Snow log cabin

If you were given $1 million dollars tax free, what is the first thing you’d buy?

A new car, finish building our home, and help my family out.

On a night out-High heel shoes or comfortable flats all the way?

High heels they build your calves;)

Sum you up in 5 words or less:

Funny, loving, motivated, crazy, outgoing.

Finish the sentence: Mom’s rock because…….Our jobs are done with love 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Emily Rowell-McLeod


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